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I had a salad for lunch, with tomato, cucumber, green salad, Gorgonzola cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple and nice. While eating I remembered myself that I want to look at life as a witness and just be aware.

And I was amazed about the limitlessness of awareness. In one bite I was aware of the taste of tomato, cucumber, salad, Gorgonzola and the flavor of oil and vinegar. While eating I was thinking and sometimes speaking out loud and I heard my voice, I was looking around and aware of the dish in front of me and the fork in my hand, the glass of water, the bread and butter. Tasting, looking, hearing, feeling, all together without a problem. Awareness is unlimited! I was aware and conscious of it all and that's what I really am. Limitless consciousness!

And still, normally we don't identify ourselves with consciousness. The same with existence, I know I exist and I'm happy I do but now, if you don't mind, I move on. We also have the light of the sun, the air we breathe, gravity to keep us on the ground. I can't think about everything all the time.

Indeed, but why are we than so concerned about what we feel and think? Why is that more important, so important that we think that it is our essence? Isn't it more obvious to be consciousness?
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