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Vedanta exists because everybody wants to be happy. It explains that ignorance of what is real and unreal is the cause of unhappiness, restlessness and uncertainty. Which results into a never ending search for happiness.

* Everything that changes all the time, can't be real, can't be something you can trust, can build on. So happiness can't be found there. The world, our body and mind, they change all the time. Happiness can't be found there.
Awareness doesn't change, it is always the same.

* You are the result of karma and a mix of tendencies, tendencies which results in today the sun is shining and tomorrow it rains. Meaning its not up to you. You didn't create yourself.

* The real 'I' is awareness. The real 'I' is centered in your heart, not the physical heart but the spiritual heart. There where is silence, not a void or emptiness, I feel it as being full, complete.

* Karma unfolds itself by itself. There is nothing to do for you. Your responsibility is to change the position of your 'I', from the personal limited I, the person you 'think' you are, to the universal I (meaning awareness, which is the same for you as for me). Both I's will stay of course, you don't loose your individuality and you go on doing what you have to do.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

© Matthijs Warner 


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