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What does it mean when i say that "i am consciousness"?

Consciousness is not matter and also not an abstraction. We know consciousness is real but think it's one of the functions of the body or of the mind, an instrument inside.
It's the other way around. We are 'in' consciousness.

From the moment you were born consciousness is there. It was already there, before you came into existence, and it is not new or specially designed for you. 7 billion people on this planet are conscious beings and their consciousness is the same as yours.
Let say that consciousness is the mother of everything that exists. We all exist, humans, animals, plants, the ocean, the stars; nature. How do we humans know we exist? Because we are awareness. (Awareness i.e. consciousness. When you are aware of something you are also conscious.)
Besides living creatures, things, objects, also exist: cars, bicycles, buildings, computers, shoes, mobile phones, newspapers, radio and television programs, music, dreams, thoughts and feelings, anything. The one common factor is existence.

All the objects I mention here are created by us conscious beings. We thought it was handy to have a table and a chair so we designed them, build them and named it 'table and chair', made from wood of a tree. We reused something already existing. Nothing was added to our planet, which is also true regarding all other objects. What is real in our perspective are just names and forms. In a wider perspective only existence is real and we are conscious of existence.

We and everything existing are 'in' consciousness. The person we think we are, the personality, is name and form existing in consciousness.
Your thoughts and feelings exist in awareness; we name a feeling, for example sadness, and than we think it is real and ours while it's only a name. Sadness without a name is just passing by in consciousness. It has no value at all.
When we connect to consciousness we loose the tendency to attachment. Meaning: You will be free.

"Tiruvannamalai. Norwegian Karin, the Australian and the Belgian." January 2015.
© Matthijs Warner 


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