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What to do with the knowledge of Vedanta when you have a 9 to 5 job and three children at home, you live with pain or you lost a dear one?

We can't all live in a monastery.

Am I responsible for who I am? (Strange question? Not really. Read on to find out why.)
Yes, I exist and have to live with myself and there is no one else to take care of me. Somebody has to do the job so better is to love myself and make the best of it.

No, I am the result of uncountable causes I don't control and can't personally be responsible for the effects. Even so, when I kill somebody, I end up in jail. What ever I, conscious or unconscious do or not do, I, the person is responsible.

Vedanta says you are consciousness and life is taking care of you. Or better to say life is taking care of itself and I am aware of life unfolding itself.

My life and the life around me is unfolding itself in front of me, or when we want to be precise and to the point: I am life.

The reason why I'm saying this is, don't take life too personal.

When the body is in pain, it's hard. I know from experience. But knowing who I am, consciousness and not the body and mind, makes it a lot more easy to deal with. The attachment to I am as body and mind is featherlight. I exist in the centre and all is passing. It doesn't make me feel the pain less but the attachment to the pain is also featherlight.

With having a nine to five job it's the same. Live your life as normal and be conscious of and discriminate between reality and apparent reality. Between you as consciousness and you as an individual.

The more you connect to consciousness the more your heart opens, for yourself and for others.

There are wars, people are on the run to save their lives, and there is hunger. For many of us freedom is a luxury and unattainable. It tells us that when you even get only a glimpse of freedom you should grasp it with both hands. We are lucky!

"People". Ink on paper, 2014.
© Matthijs Warner 


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