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The Seed.

You put a seed of an apple tree in the ground and you get an apple tree, not one with oranges. In this seed the whole tree is already there, but when you open and investigate the seed you will not find a mini apple tree, or in a day old embryo a mini you. It's like an idea or concept that is waiting for the right conditions, earth, water, sun -in the case of the apple tree- to burst out.

We were born.

We don't have thoughts; because for thoughts you need concepts and nobody told you yet that there is a difference between your mom and your pap, or between a table and a chair. And nobody also told you that you are you. The name you were given will not ring any bell in you, yet.
There is a baby but there is not a person. It doesn't mean that it is a blank sheet, the seed is not empty, we all have our own imprint. You are you and not your neighbor.
The person you will be, will be born in time, it will develop in time.
Still, for the new born child all is one;

The new born child is aware of colors, sounds, smells and senses,
light and dark, hard and soft.
The days are filled with all kind of impressions,
they are fluid and merge into one another and into the child.
It is if everything is the child.

When the body of a baby needs food it knows it has to make noise, there is no person that thinks "i am hungry". The body knows, like it knows how to breath, how it knows how to pump the blood through the veins.
We as a person have nothing to do with all that. We say 'I breath in and I breath out' and 'I see or i smell or 'I hear' but the fact is that we as a person just see it happen. We are the witness.

When this witness grows up it learns, mom becomes mom, a table a table, the color red red and the child becomes a person.
It still is a witness though, that doesn't change.
YOU, with capital letters -Vedanta explains-, are a witness. A witness of your life. The witness of you as a person. The person is growing, learning, changing.
The witness stays the same, the whole way.

endless knot
"Endless knot". Acryl and ink on paper. 1997/98
© Matthijs Warner 


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